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having the realization of when everyone was telling me my car wont be done anytime soon... well its becoming reality... the question now is, will it ever be done? im predicting within 5 years, so i guess ill be updating within that time period
Mar 19 2017 09:31 PM
  • ClassicAsh's Photo
    its taken me three years to do mine. so stick in there, enjoy the pain!
    Mar 21 2017 08:37 AM
  • JPN173's Photo
    quick question... i know its not good for an engine to sit but how bad is it for a freshly rebuilt one to sit?
    Mar 23 2017 04:14 PM
  • RooBoonix's Photo
    Not bad providing it was all lubricated properly on assembly, if you used engine oil in the bearings it will probably run down into the sump/gearbox in our case which is one of the arguments why thicker assembly lube is better. Just make sure before you start it you build oil pressure.
    Mar 23 2017 05:59 PM
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