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Wondering if anyone else is going to Oulton Park MiniFest next weekend ??
Aug 10 2017 02:29 PM
  • 59 Speed's Photo
    59 Speed
    Yep, certainly wet!
    Better than last year at getting the races back on believe it or not.
    Lap at the end was good as there was a bit of a gap in front of me ;)
    Good to catch up with people, hopefully the weather will be better next time :)
    Aug 20 2017 08:05 AM
  • Midas Mk1's Photo
    Midas Mk1
    Leaving gaps was all part of the fun ;)

    Thought it was alright considering the weather!
    Aug 20 2017 11:01 AM
  • minifreek1's Photo
    I didnt leave any gaps.... well I did but they got close quickly LOL ;) ;) ;)
    Aug 21 2017 08:31 AM
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