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Project Zippy - Mk1 1981 Midas Project - Engine Now In!

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#451 DomCr250


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Posted 10 September 2017 - 11:28 AM

I've had both steel and MG covers, steel only on a small bore engine. Clearance is extremely close but the MG cover fits, the steel one needed the bonnet bulge for the off centre oil cap. There looks to be a fair bit of variation in Midas bodies tho'.

Had the same problem on my old Marcos with the 1275 blocks ... you can unsolder the filler neck in the tin rocker cover, cut it down by a lot and then just resolder it back in, quick spray and it looks great, takes a standard plastic cap and looks almost factory.  At the same time you can also put a decent breather in with some 15mm cooper pipe, if it needed.

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#452 MrBounce


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Posted 16 September 2017 - 05:00 PM

I don't have too much to show for my few hours of tinkering this week, so here's a picture of my freshly blasted wheels to keep you all happy...

#453 MrBounce


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Posted 19 September 2017 - 08:01 PM

Just a few more minor bits of tinkering tonight. When I initially made my top radiator brackets, I had measured it all without any ancillaries on the engine. Naturally, once I came round to putting the rad in, it did line up, but was pushed up right against the alternator. With a bit of minor tweaking, I was able to lean the rad slightly forward to the front of the car. However this meant that the old bracket was useless. A quick bit of CAD using a Jaffa cake packet (what else?) saw a fairly simple "L"-shaped bracket cut out, drilled and bent to shape. I gave it a try and all works perfectly, with no bolts showing through the bodywork. Excellent. It's currently hanging up having been painted. I also had some help whilst I was measuring up from Sherman, who popped in to try the seats.
One job that I have been putting off was the clutch slave cylinder spring. I hate these as they're strong springs and when stretched, they do tend to let go with quite a force. On more than one occasion it pinged off and landed under the car. After several angry words and threatening it with various tools, the needle nose pliers secured it and it's now on, at least until the clutch needs doing...
Finally, I had a good look over the wheels and despite some minor kerbing (which I tidied up with the Dremel), there were only very minor imperfections and the occasional nick in the wheels. I shall attend to that with some filler before I give them a coat of gloss black.
New radiator top bracket in primer, awaiting paint.
FINALLY! Clutch spring is on!
Sherman inspecting the seats. As soon as the power tools came out he was long gone!
Minor imperfections such as this are pretty much all that's wrong with the wheels. Filler to follow before painting.

#454 wingnut


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Posted 20 September 2017 - 06:10 PM

Cant wait to see this finished

#455 MrBounce


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Posted 22 September 2017 - 04:28 PM

Me neither wingnut! Lots to do still though...  :ohno:


I have been busy! Lots more to talk about so here we go...
The radiator is in! The new bracket fitted beautifully (and far better than the original one) and was eventually secured with a small M5 bolt. I have also attended to the wheels and spent quite a while filling and sanding all the minor imperfections in them. They're almost ready for paint (just need a wipe down with a rag and some spirit followed by a quick going over with a tack rag) and because the weather is good this weekend, guess what I might be doing??? I managed to get the oil cooler lined up and on its mounts. Just got to top it up and finish tightening up the bottom bolts.
Now comes the important bit: Tink came over and he brought his knowledge of wiring looms with him. I should point out that I have precious little knowledge of wiring and electrics, so having him come over was an absolute godsend. Firstly we laid out the loom to find out where best to cut holes in the body. When I bought the car, the loom came through the main bulkhead in a crudely hacked hole with no grommet. I didn't like this and really hated the way that it just was basically chucked around the engine bay. So we looked at alternative options. Another thing was that I didn't want the fuse box connections to be in the engine bay - a land of heat and dirt is not an ideal habitat for electrical gear. We shall work on that one. So rather than take the loom straight through a hole in the bulkhead, I started looking for alternatives, and the solution was REALLY simple. I have no intention of using the "fresh air vents" in this car (I have windows the crack open a bit for that job) so we kept the vent in the inner wing and removed the centre of it. We then fed the loom through the top of a spray can with a hole it in which fits perfectly over the vent. The loom was then channelled under the front wing until splitting into two for the engine loom and lighting loom. These were then fed through two newly cut holes (love the holesaw!!). 
The loom has only got one thing connected so far - the oil light switch! More will follow once I figure out what this strange stringy things do...
Radiator in with much more clearance
Wheels filled and sanded - paint soon
Oil Cooler in 
Loom laid out with Tink sorting what should go where
Through the air vent!!
And out by the battery...
...and the inner wing near the lights.
I now have to figure out what to do with all this!!

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