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Another Pickup Called Percy

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#136 carthorse


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Posted 24 February 2020 - 10:34 PM

Long long time no update again, but progress continues to crawl along. I got the lower dash rail and parcel shelf welded in which pretty much brings the repairs to the front of the car to their torturous conclusion. 

Selling the spot welder that I just couldn’t seem to get along with raised enough folding money to splurge out on most of the panels needed for the back end, but before that I needed to close up the gap left between the door step repair panel and the back edge of the door frame 


I do have a close up of the repair I lovingly crafted to close this gap up, but let’s just say you can tell I hadn’t used the welder for awhile...... 🤨 luckily most of it will be hidden behind the rear side panel - speaking of which here it is test fitted 



The fit at the bottom front edge isn’t great but nothing some enthusiasm with a hammer can’t fix 


Next I pinned the wheel arch in place, again not a bad fit, but it will need some massaging into place. I9wgcHht.jpg

Flushed with all this progress I slapped a clean & strip disc into the angle grinder and started to strip the e coat off the new panels to prep them for welding. I stripped the wheel arch back, refitted it to make sure I’d taken enough off, realised it needed a touch more and picked up the angle grinder without putting my gloves back on.... bet some of you already know where this is going.......


This is the waiting in a&e shot with my home brew bandage losing the battle, and here’s the professionals neater job covering up some nice stitches 🤬


Needless to say that stopped play for the day, and proof that those clean & strip discs are as lethal as a cutting disc - be careful out there folks!




#137 KTS


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Posted 24 February 2020 - 10:52 PM

that looks like it could have been a lot worse - just as well you weren't using a cutting disc

Good to see this progressing again - hopefully it won't keep you out the garage for too long

#138 rcw


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Posted 25 February 2020 - 12:03 AM

Hello Folks, heres my newly acquired 1980 Mini95 Pickup which my kids have inevitably christened 'Percy'


He's a very original 850cc powered model with a few months mot left, but the poor fellows suffered from a few years of 'mot standard' repairs. The dreaded overfills are present, and the floor has patches over the patches in places. 

The plan is to give the suspension and brakes a much need refresh then use him till the mot runs out after which i'm tempted to cut the whole floor out and invest in one of M machines complete floorpan assemblies. Here's some more pictures......


interesting patch at the rear of the sill!


nice original engine bay


terrible repairs in the n/s footwell / flitch panel


might have to rethink plans to keep the bikes in the back!

Hopefully now I've remembered my passwords for minispares and miniskirts websites some nice new brake bits and bushes etc should be in the post soon, I've not had a mini project for a few years so I'm really looking forward toggling to grips with this one. 

Cheers all, Mick

looks great ...ive just started my mini pick up restoration...will be my third pickup..the last two I sold 23 years ago ..and regretted it for the past 20 years! so was lucky enough to find one again a complete wreck but worth the years of restoring it will take me ..nice to see your pictures so I can see where things need to  back when I get to that stage ..

#139 hotroder69


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Posted 05 March 2020 - 09:06 PM

Doing a great job, blood and all. If you don't get cut messing sheet metal your not working with sheet metal. Thanks for sharing

I wish my mini pickup was half as nice as yours.

#140 carthorse


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Posted 08 September 2020 - 11:19 AM

Percy’s resurrection is still progressing at the pace of an arthritic snail who’s recovering from the uknowwhat virus, but progress is progress. 
when I have found time to snatch the odd hour in the garage I’ve been tackling the small awkward repairs around the door frames and B posts. Desperate times call for desperate measures and rather than buy a whole panel to deal with a small section, I’ve actually managed to make up and weld in some small repair patches that don’t look completely disastrous 🙄

At this stage I’m miles past shooting for perfection, The next goal is to get the back end together so the shell can go back on the rotisserie, then I can go round tidying and cleaning up a lot of these panels. 
Anyway enough waffle, here’s some pictures.......









#141 johnR


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Posted 09 September 2020 - 07:38 AM

just read this from the start - well done for 'percyvering' All this work and from a distance it will look exactly like it did before you started! You mentioned wheelarches back at the beginning and as everyone has a view on this I'll cast a vote for black arches if I may. Keep the good work up! 


#142 g111mds


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Posted 10 September 2020 - 08:29 AM

Great to see some progress on this :) 

#143 Quinlan minor

Quinlan minor

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Posted 10 September 2020 - 08:54 AM



might have to rethink plans to keep the bikes in the back!



Just an idea: remove the front wheel, reverse the bike, and put a bar on the tailgate that you can clamp the front forks to. Job's a good un!

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