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Keeping Your Battery Charged

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Posted 26 August 2016 - 12:02 AM

We all know or should that letting your classic Mini or any other make of car, your worst enemy is Flat Batteries! and once you let a lead acid battery go completely flat then it will never give 100% again. See the other posts in this section about batteries.


I'm sure lots here already use a Optimate or CTEK Chargers during the winter months, for those that don't here is a brief guide.


I use a Optimate 4 as it has better functions to keep the battery charged than the cheaper models in the range, you can buy a Optimate 6 at nearly £100 but thats not necessary for our requirements (Optimate 4 £55)

The question I get asked most is what do i need to spend that sort of money and why can't I use a £10 one from my local car parts supplier?


You can use a £10 charger but its not a switch on and forget, you would have to either switch it manually or timer and monitor the battery voltage to avoid boiling the battery dry, as the cheap one charge all the time your charger switched on, the Optimate/CTEK chargers do all of those thing automatically and are able to maintain you battery at a fully charged state without boiling it dry.


Installation is straight forward by installing the red cable to the battery + and the black to battery -, either with the fly lead onto the terminals or the Croc Clips. Then switch on and let the charger do its stuff.


I have been asked which one to buy and for someone who's learning about electrics, or has no interest then get the Optimate, less settings and no buttons. I also have one of the original Optimates in the W/S which I bought in 95 when they came out and its still working ok.


If you garage has no electric then use a solar panel but dont buy a small one they struggle to keep a car battery up in the winter months, I have set up for a friend a system and the cost of the parts was around £75 inc the steel to make a frame work to bolt to the wall, and always use a Solar panel controller to avoid over charging.


40w Panel here http://www.ebay.co.u...6UAAOSw91NTtI-S


Controller Unit here http://www.ebay.co.u...505&rk=1&rkt=1



So there is no need to have a flat battery as either system above would sort out your problem

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