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1975 Innocenti Cooper 1300 Export Restoration

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Posted 16 January 2018 - 10:01 AM

I think it's lechler paint. They listed a lot of innocenti colours.

I only asked about the 75 colour az its the one i need for my own innocenti.

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Posted 16 January 2018 - 04:20 PM

While I was messing with the engine and Mr K wasn't working on any Healeys he got on with the Inno. 


Some of the inside needed some repairs as well as the rear seat base seemed to have bent and needed straightening. This also shows the unusual Innocenti sloped companion boxes. This allows the front seats to recline without getting caught on the companion boxes behind.  



As longevity is the name of the game here all the seams were all done with seam sealer after priming. Before painting the whole floor will be done in Body Shoes which should stay elastic and will protect it nicely.



The previous owner had also added a number of aerials so those wholes were sealed up as well. 



We also noticed the jacking points had been blanked off, which seemed odd to us. So we stuck a camera in through one of the vents in the sill and found it to be completely empty behind! 



So the area around the jacking point was cut out and a set of jacking points were bought to fit.



The new jacking point was then fitted and the sill filled in again but now with an exposed jacking point





and cleaned up and primed



The front end was also slowly coming together



The keen eyed among you might have spotted the shine around the seam between the front panel and the wing. One of Mr K's tricks to prevent any water ingress in that seam to prevent it from rotting is to fill them with copper, not unlike fillet brazing. All the front end will have this treatment, it seals it all off without losing the seamed look. 


Meanwhile next door I promised you some flywheel fun. 


As I mentioned before the car came with a bunch of performance parts, including a lightened flywheel and backing plate. But without much info on either I broke out the scales, turns out the flywheel is an ultralight at 3.8kg (compared to the OE 7.7kg) and the pressure plate is marginally lighter 1.8kg vs the OE 2.6kg. 


Although very posh and light I was concerned that the whole assembly together wouldn't really be suitable for a road car, though I did do a test fit for giggles



In the end I decided to compromise by using the OE flywheel with the lightened pressureplate, just to make the engine a bit snappier. However when I was installing this solution I found the bolts that go through the diaphragm and drivestraps to the pressure plate were really hard to tighten, not to mention there were a lot of metal filings floating about... A quick investigation showed the two to be related. Turned out the shoulder on the bolts was bigger than the corresponding hole in the pressure plate, very annoying. So in the end I decided I would forego the lightened gear for now and would just install the all the OE stuff. 






And now with the clutch cover bolted down and throwout set etc. I just need a new slave cylinder and then the clutch is done.  


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Posted 16 January 2018 - 04:50 PM

I think it's lechler paint. They listed a lot of innocenti colours.

I only asked about the 75 colour az its the one i need for my own innocenti.

I think i can get Lechler here if you have the paint code other than ROSSO 74 that would help.

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