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Knotted Wire Wheel, A Safety Warning

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#1 danie garry

danie garry

    I love BMW minis

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Posted 21 June 2018 - 07:04 AM

Right guys, I'm always one to wear goggles, ear plugs, welding helmet even for a small tack but nothing could have prepared me for the last 36 hours!
Prepping the floor pan of the mini, 5mm thick underseal so I used a wire wheel on the angle grinder, all standard gearfor the mini. So after killing 1 wheel on half the floor in went for a new one on Tuesday evening, after a few strands hit me in the belly I thought the overalls might be a good idea, warm but necessary! Shortly after I felt a very strange pain in the right jewel! A strand of wire had shot off the wheel, through overalls, through tracky bottoms, through underwear and embedded itself firmly in my right testicle!
Please be warned people! It's one of the most uncomfortable experiences of my life!


#2 minisilverbullet


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Posted 21 June 2018 - 07:20 AM


Wishing you a quick recovery

#3 Bat


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Posted 21 June 2018 - 07:47 AM


Ouch!  O_O

I've just shown your post to wifey, even she was cringing with a very painful look on her face!

Get well soon!

Cheers  :proud:

#4 Archived2


    One Carb Or Two?

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Posted 21 June 2018 - 08:39 AM

Feck! Ouch!

#5 Verderad


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Posted 21 June 2018 - 09:44 AM

This is an important topic. Should we be logging the knotted wire wheels, quality, and where purchased. I had a similar problem although not of the same severity. Finished cleaning off under seal, hopped into shower and felt pain in leg. Found a strand embedded nearly full length that needed removal with pliers.
I think I will invest in a leather apron

#6 Steve220


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Posted 21 June 2018 - 10:56 AM

Holy crap! (Jimmy esk)


Your knacker still work though?

#7 rich_959


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Posted 21 June 2018 - 11:22 AM

I was worried what the photo was going to be when I started scrolling down!!


Ouch indeed.

#8 Marc_mcq


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Posted 21 June 2018 - 11:36 AM


#9 kyle_1275


    On The Road

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Posted 21 June 2018 - 11:49 AM

As painful as it must have been that is hilarious! I’m sorry if I ever have to use a wire wheel I’ll be sure to wear a cricket box!

#10 danie garry

danie garry

    I love BMW minis

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Posted 21 June 2018 - 12:41 PM

Cheers guys,it's one of the funnier accidents I've had anyway! Just make sure no1 else does the same, odds are slim but there's always a chance!

#11 black olive

black olive

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Posted 21 June 2018 - 12:54 PM

+1 for a strand firmly embedded in the leg. PLEASE wear eye protection when using these very dangeours things.


Once had occasion to cut a piece of RSJ with an 8" grinder. was wearing a boiler suit and was all going swimmingly until I felt warmth around the genitalia. the stream of sparks had set the front of the boiler suit on fire and I hadnt noticed  O_O

#12 sonikk4


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Posted 21 June 2018 - 01:09 PM

I have destroyed one pair of very heavy duty overalls in the groin area plus burnt out the grinder at the same time when i used a twisted wire cup. Trying to turn it off at the same time as trying to prevent it from eating the crown jewels was shall we say entertaining until the grinder blew up.


I have also set two pair of overalls alight with grinding and cutting. That's why we wear them. Also a heavy pair of jeans.


I feel your pain as those little feckers hurt when they embed themselves.

#13 r3k1355


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Posted 21 June 2018 - 01:51 PM

+1 for a strand firmly embedded in the leg. PLEASE wear eye protection when using these very dangeours things.



This, although I wear eye protection for most power tool things now.


Having seen a friend get whisked off to hospital after getting shards from a grinder in his eye I decided that wasn't for me.

#14 Icey


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Posted 22 June 2018 - 08:44 PM

I've had to have a piece of grinding disk removed from my eye even though I was wearing PPE. Probably one of the worst experiences of my life - a nurse digging around in your eye with a needle, not nice!


Grinders with any kind of wheel on are tools to treat with due respect. It's easy to forget quite how much energy is being imparted to the tool doing the work.


Buy good quality consumables, wear heavy clothing, wear full face cover and protect your ears.

#15 M J W J


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Posted 25 June 2018 - 10:19 PM

Once had to get my housemate to pull one of those wire strands out of my elbow.

At first she was laughing at me telling me to man up etc as I tried to pull it out but when she finally got it out from my skin she realised why it was hurting so much as it was about 2" long

Glad you are OK but as others have said it is kind of funny. Did anyone make a joke about it only being a little pr***. Sorry

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