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Newbie From Scotland With A Mini(Ish)

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Posted 29 November 2018 - 04:39 PM

Hello all.

Just joined as I have recently bought a GTM Rossa Mk2 based on a Mk3 Mini from Belfast, to replace a GTM K3 that I recently sold due to a house move and am pleased with my purchase, but there a number of wee issues;

* The front end is all over the place and I think that it is a combination of tracking and tyre pressures, so will need to find the relevant data to set it up and try again.
* The fueling is running rich initially but as the engine bay got hotter, it would not idle, rev beyond 3000 rpm and pick up was non-existent at times and the last 10 miles of my journey home from Belfast was a bit sphincter clenching for me.
* The brakes work, but probably need the fronts checked over due to a slight pull under braking.
* The gear change is hit or miss and its down to a combination of modified linkage and potentially hydraulics, as the hotter the car got, the worse the change became and I assume that the pipe from the master cylinder runs very close to the coolant pipes down the spine of the floor front to rear.
* The rear clam and roof squeaked like bstrds and that was driving me nuts for 2 and a half hours, so I will need to try and get rubber extrusion or similar to stop the noise.
* The windscreen wipers are too small, for both the arms and blades.
* The heater matrix was on all of the time :xxx:

Now for the happy bits;

The car has only done 1450 miles since build and comes with lots of niceties such as;

* MG Metro 1275 running gear, which has (allegedly) been bored out to 1380cc.
* A Kent cam has been fitted, but don't know what spec.
* K&N air filter.
* Microdynamics electronic ignition set up.
* Uprated fuel pump, regulator and filter.
* MG Metro Turbo 4 pot brakes and disks on front and standard MG Metro on rear.
* Spax shocks and non-Hydrolastic suspension.
* Kenlowe radiator fan.
* 13" Minilites with 185/60R13 Yokohama tyres, all with plenty of life in them.
* The Sierra Cosworth front light set up are in perfect condition thankfully.
* Nice set of cloth Mk1 MX5 seats that are in perfect condition and very comfy to boot.

Overall, the built is pretty decent and there are minor things to be done, such as sort the ventilation system, find some Metro trim pieces to install on door handle surrounds & winder handles, a Mini or Metro standard steering wheel, as I cannot see the gauges properly and overhaul the dash binnacle, as the rev counter is sporadic at best; though, the speedo readings are spot on when tested against my GPS speedo



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Posted 05 December 2018 - 08:09 PM

Well, I’ve had the car locked away in the garage, with one run out with it due to the crap weather and, other than a loose king lead from the coil, the car ran fantastically since adjusting the carb settings.

I’ve slowly been sorting out non functioning electrics and getting missing Metro switches and GTM trim pieces to finish off the interior properly, whilst I came across a set of 4 Alcan Firestone BRM 12” wheels that were refurbished a few years ago and now that I’ve got them, am not sure if they suit the car.


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Posted 09 February 2019 - 05:14 PM

Since my last post, I’ve been tinkering and driven the GTM occasionally, with the biggest thing being setting up the HIF44 carb properly and the engine seems much happier now.

Other works done, are;

* Replace the steering wheel with a late Mini one, to allow me to see the gauges better
* Strip, clean and lubricate the gauges
* Fit a new light switch from MGB to replace sporadic early Metro one
* Fit new quickshift gear lever assembly and alloy knob to make the shift better
* Carry out a mini-service
* Sort it some minor electrical maladies caused by loose Lucar type connectors
* Buy a new centre console moulding, as the original was badly damaged, but as it is raw I need to get painted or trimmed

One issue I have noticed is that the oil pressure warning light will not work, so have bought a new switch but cannot figure out if I need to use thread tape, a copper washer or nothing to seal it on fitting; therefore, can anyone advise?


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Posted 09 February 2019 - 07:54 PM

Hi, and a belated welcome to the forum to you

Nice looking Rossa you have there, and good list of stuff to do to stop you getting bored!

If it's the standard oil pressure switch it's a tapered thread that will self seal as it's tightened - it's needs to be earthed to work so don't use any tape

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Posted 10 February 2019 - 07:05 AM

Some photos I managed to get from the previous owner.


Photos of the new quickshift and knob



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Posted 06 March 2019 - 01:22 PM

Today, I managed to get the Rossa to the local tyre fitters for a wheel alignment session and what a difference it has made to the handling
Whilst we had the car up on the ramps, I got my first opportunity to have a good look underneath and all is fantastic; other than needing new steering rack gaiters due to both being split and whilst I do this, I'll stick on new track rod ends for good measure.
Here is some pics of the underside;

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Posted 21 July 2019 - 06:11 PM

Well, after a long search for a decent set of Honda Civic Type R front seats, then finding that they are too bulky for fit comfortably, today, I was in my local scrappy to get a replacement Fiat aerial base and I spotted an Audi TT with a very unusual interior; therefore, after copious amounts of tape measuring, I had unbolted the whole set, front & rear and stuffed them into the back of my daily driver before I could talk myself out of it and paid the man.

I duly got them home and after removing the Mazda Mx5/Eunos tombstone seat on the drivers side, the trial fitting began and a little mod to the runners will mean that it fits perfectly for me 😁

An hour or so on each runner set should see them fitted and I even got the matching back seats to allow me to trim the rear bulkhead moulding.



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