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Spi Engine Smoking And 'popping'

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Posted 01 July 2019 - 06:51 AM

Hi All,


Mini Equinox, 1275 Spi, 1996 here.


So quick background, failed MOT due to emissions, apart from that seemed like a good runner.  Didn't seem to have any engine problems.

During my diagnostics of the emissions system, noticed that both the vacuum pipes from the inlet manifold to the fuel trap and from the fuel trap to the ECU are both severed.

Tried to replace the vacuum pipes but couldn't get my hands behind the inlet manifold to get it in place - so started taking stuff out...


Drained the coolant, Took off the throttle body and the inlet manifold, Gave it all a good clean while it was out, Replaced vacuum tubes, and then put it all back together.




erm.. what.


Engine revving > 2k RPM lots of new noises, had to turn off engine as smoke was filling up my garage.  Smoke continued to come out for a few more minutes from what appeared to be behind the head.  Uh oh.


Purchased Fire Extinguisher


Started it again with Memsdiag and took a video.  https://youtu.be/_9Yhj_4LJzA


Engine revved up to 2250 RPM then heard a lot pop, revs dropped back down, then quickly climbed up again then pop.  Turned off ignition promptly then... Don't think I gave it long enough to start smoking this time.

On the plus side, Memsdiag does show some MAP pressure which it didn't before




I'm after looking through other posts I'm wondering if I haven't got a good enough seal on the inlet manifold to the block.  My next steps I think are to buy some locating rings and a new manifold gasket.  Take it all off again and refit.  


Does the community have any other ideas, should I be focusing my efforts on something else?  Anyone near huddersfield fancy taking a look?


Thanks in advance!


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