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Posted 12 August 2019 - 03:14 PM


So you want to try something new and you decided to try kayaking. As a beginner you might have a lot of questions inside your head, but the most important is about safety. Kayaking seems easy and can bring a lot of funs like other kind of sports, but this can be very dangerous if you don’t know how to protect yourself. People have a lot of misconceptions when it comes to kayaking about the issues of safety, they don’t want to risk their lives when involve in this sport, while others freak out about perceived threat which are not danger. So you might ask : Is kayaking dangerous ? To find out the perfect answer, we can discuss a lot of things so we can consider it, you need to know the different between real threat and perceived danger. Top Fishing Kayak


Some perceptions about risk and danger are not always true, we might think they may seem more or less dangerous than they really are.  A perceived threat is a concept that describes how dangerous something seems, while an actual risk is really how dangerous that thing truly is. You can ask your family members and friends, you might say kayaking is very dangerous and you shouldn’t try it. However, if you ask a professional who spent most time aboard, they will guarantee you it is safe. Keep in mind that different places mean different risk and always prepare for it.

The danger often comes when the perceived risk doesn’t like the same the real threat. Some people can be subjective and underestimate the threat which accidents can happen when you think a situation is safe but it very dangerous. Take an example like this : you decided to paddle around the water surface and it seems quite and no threat around so the perceived risk of danger is low. When you are a beginner, you have to realize is how the actual danger can increase. So how can we avoid it ? The tips in kayak safety is noticing the risk sooner and you mustn’t panic and respond appropriately. If you know the real risk of a situation, you will avoid it easily without feeling scare anymore so find it and face it to protect yourself and prevent trouble. Best Fishing Kayak


·        INCORRECT PFD USE : First thing you need to do is put your life vest to protect, one of the biggest mistakes is not wearing life vests when kayaking around. Sure you can see others bring it with on the boat but don’t put them on, or maybe they don’t know how to put it properly. Always remember safety first so always wear life vest cause many accidents, injuries and even worst is death can be avoid with that single step. Never paddle without a life jacket and you buy it, learn how to put on.

·        SUN EXPOSURE : So you want to travel around in a sunny day, seems nice right ? You need to remember that if the sun is out it can be quickly become a high risk situation. If you are outside and exposure to the sun for more than an hour without sunscreen then it might can be dangerous for you because it can cause you sunburn, heat stroke and dehydration. Water reflects sunlight so that means you will get a lot of sunlight and be bad for your skin and health. Always wear sunscreen on the water or maybe a hat can do just fine, the hotter outside the more water you should bring so that you can avoid dehydration because it can happen whenever you are on the water. Kayaking require a lot of energy so don’t stay outside for too long especially in a sunny day.

·        LIGHTING AND BAD WEATHER : It might seem 100% true when kayaking in a storm is a bad idea. A bit rain won’t hurt you right ? When you hear huge sound that means trouble is coming toward you, if you see lighting and hear loud thunder, get off the water as soon as possible. When it comes lighting and water, it is a bad things cause it can get you electrocuted and you will become a toast. You need to avoid the storm fast and if you see a lighting, get to the shore quick and wait it out on dry land and do not paddle around cause it can get you into more trouble.

·        INEXPERIENCE : One of the things that can prove to be most dangerous is paddling in conditions you are not fully understand. Most accidents happen because kayaker are lack of experience, a professional can make tough conditions look easy, but if you are a beginner then this can be deadly for yourself. You need to take kayaking class and don’t copy from internet, you need a proper lesson to protect you from dangerous threat, stay away from conditions that you are unsure of, it could cost your life. Read More


In sport we can’t avoid the risk, but we can avoid it if we know how to handle the situation so kayaking doesn’t have to be dangerous. Taking the proper precautions and being self-aware can make the difference, so take your time to learn how to be careful when kayaking and this can be a fun, safe for everyone. Remember ! Use your head wisely.



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