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Buying Advice Please!

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#1 thetrob

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Posted 01 September 2019 - 11:09 AM

My parents have said they will by me a car for my 30th. I'm looking at a budget of around 8K. I love old cars with soul, I already have a beaten up polo as a commuting car so I want a mini as something I will actually enjoy driving but something I don't have to drive on salted roads, wet roads or hammer up and down th A1M. I really enjoy working on my polo at a fairly amateur level and I like the idea of something without an onboard computer (i.e. carburettor rather than fuel injection) but that is still quite nippy and has a 'sporty' feel. So with that in mind, I have a few questions:

1) What year/model does not come with an injection engine? Are the rover minis superior technically to the Austin ones?

2) How easy are minis to work on compared with, say, my 2002 vw polo?

3) How much of a problem is rust if you only drive in the dry? I don't have a garage but am thinking in investing in a good rain cover and getting the underside coated.

4) What can I expect for my budget? I don't care about rarity, I just want something that will put a smile on my face when I drive it.


Thanks in advance for answers to any of these questions or any that I haven't thought about yet!




#2 unburntfuelinthemorning


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Posted 01 September 2019 - 01:09 PM

Welcome to the forum.


1)  Anything pre 1993 ish to avoid injection.  Rover Minis are not technically superior.  Some things are better, some things aren't.  The 1990s models are more prone to rust problems for instance.


2)  Minis are very easy to work on if you are used to them.  Very different to an '02 Polo.  Lots more routine servicing required than modern vehicles.


3)  Rust less of a problem than it used to be if the car is protected with modern products.  If you could keep all moisture at bay the car would last a very long time.  Driving a Mini in snow is fantastic fun though!


4)  You'll get something in very good condition with an £8000 budget.  Don't buy the first thing you see like I did, look at a few cars to get the feel of them.  Any classic Mini will make you smile.


I'd recommend a 1970s Mini 1000.  Good all round Mini, not fast but certainly nippy with a sporty feel.  The 1980s ones had higher gearing which spoiled the nippiness.  If you want even more soul, look for a 1960s one.

#3 thetrob

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Posted 01 September 2019 - 09:06 PM

Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions! Much appreciated and will take your advice on board.

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