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Engines For Valuation Please: Mg Metro And 1310Cc Build

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Posted 23 March 2020 - 02:14 PM

Hi Guys!


It's been a while since I frequented the site due to selling my last mini a couple of years ago :(


I have been secretly looking to buy another on and off since but have to be realistic and know that it's probably not going to happen.


I also appreciate it's a weird old time for people what with the virus and what not but thought I'd just ask anyway as I don't have much to do at the moment :)


As such I still have lots of parts, both new and used, still tucked away that I was saving for when I got another car. (hi-los, rear subframe, donuts, shocks, grilles wooden dash, door you know the kind of bits we all store and hoard!)


I used to love coming here and reading posts and getting help from the very knowledgeable members on the forum. Even though I guess eBay is where most people go these days to sell stuff I'd prefer to sell here.


I can see the prices of the smaller parts but I also have a couple of engines for sale that I need help with valuing:


The first is as sold to me an early used MG Metro engine (block, cam, head, springs valves and bell housing) I think it's the larger valve version but have no calipers to check so if anyone has other ways of identifying that then please shout.


I have checked the engine number 12H996AA using the minimania guide:


996  = Yd + Bf + Yn + Sk


Yd  -  Mechanical fuel pump

Bf  -  Alternator with negative earth

Yn  -  MG  Metro design/specification variants (high CR, sportier CAM6648 cam, bigger inlet

         valve in head) also known to be fitted to LHD Van Den Plas

Sk  -  Standard ratio gearbox with 3.44 Final Drive, inboard CV joints and rod change

AA  -  Carburetter crankcase ventilation and intake air temperature control

It has been kept in my mums front room for about 8 years! Thus it is in the same state as when I bought it, used and pulled directly from a car.


I have pictures but it's a bugger to photograph on my own but here they are most are of the head which is easier to get at:


49690684597_6cc2347d70_k.jpgMg Metro engine by Rob Dean, on Flickr


49690684862_b70927fc07_k.jpgMg metro block by Rob Dean, on Flickr

49690373126_929cf2eab6_k.jpgMg Metro engine by Rob Dean, on Flickr

49690684122_ac6836487d_k.jpgMg Metro engine by Rob Dean, on Flickr

49690683142_5e3c72dcb5_k.jpgMg Metro engine by Rob Dean, on Flickr

49690635272_a3299623a3_k.jpgMG Metro engine by Rob Dean, on Flickr


Sorry I'm not great at uploading to the site but here is an album link in which you can see all the pictures: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmM8DE9x


Second up is the 1310cc engine which was my 'special' engine I was keeping for the really nice project that I will never get round to.


It is a 1310cc engine with omega flat top pistons, Kent 286, duplex timing chain, 12g940 cylinder head (sadly again not sure on valve sizes) and 1:3 roller rockers.

Gearbox is included but no bell housing. Not sure as to state so probably needs a going over and I was going to send it to guessworks.


This has been stored in my old bedroom since I bought it so is in fine condition

49690331211_26241f6d11_k.jpg1310cc engine by Rob Dean, on Flickr

49690331781_2bc3029546_k.jpg1310cc engine by Rob Dean, on Flickr

49690331571_807c5cba8e_k.jpg1310cc engine by Rob Dean, on Flickr

49689797848_3e293568d2_k.jpg1310cc engine by Rob Dean, on Flickr


49690641802_358e5fccdd_k.jpg1310cc engine by Rob Dean, on Flickr

49689797823_b616f4e3d1_k.jpg1310cc engine by Rob Dean, on Flickr


49690640542_d31a2c7efe_k.jpg1310cc engine by Rob Dean, on Flickr

49690328071_4f74fea505_k.jpg1310cc engine by Rob Dean, on Flickr

49689794023_f92e67a091_k.jpg1310cc engine by Rob Dean, on Flickr

49690327391_664eda4dbf_k.jpg1310cc engine by Rob Dean, on Flickr

49690327001_ee4409c904_k.jpg1310cc engine by Rob Dean, on Flickr

49690330326_bb7e7c7517_k.jpg1310cc engine by Rob Dean, on Flickr

49690329701_91e462d605_k.jpg1310cc engine by Rob Dean, on Flickr

Again here is a link to the full album of pictures :) https://flic.kr/s/aHsmM8GuVk

Sorry for all the pictures but thought it best to take as many as possible.


Any help with the valuations is much appreciated!




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