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Hello, New Mini Owner

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Posted 07 July 2020 - 04:36 PM

Hi, My name is Luis and I just acquired a 62' mini and I love it. I am actually stripping the mini down to bare metal since the previous owner used a lot of bondo and painted with a spray can. it has a 1100cc from an MG1100, but i just purchased a 1275cc from an Austin America that i will be upgrading to a 1380cc.

So far this project has been fun, My gf keeps teasing me that i technically bought a shell, since i am getting the whole car repainted, new interior done, upgraded suspension, different engine, straight cut with magic wand transmission (I'm waiting for a quote from guess-works) in and i am now looking at new carbs and exhaust system. lol. I am still learning so more than likely i will have lots of questions. Any recommendations on the carburetors? I am trying to decide between the Weber 45 with a 3.5" inlet or a Twin HS4. Any recommendations for the exhaust manifold and system?

I'm glad my gf is very understanding and hasn't tried to kill me yet lol.


I also purchased an 89' mini with a 998cc that just arrived from England a couple of weeks ago. That one i am sending out to another state to get it registered, because California is being a pain and not letting me register unless it is 68' or older.


I always wanted a mini and finally got one, or actually 2. The 62' i am trying to set it up as Autosolo / Autocross. Autocross is what i usually do during the weekends here in San Diego and have been doing it for several years. I would like to have the 62' mini for practice days and i guess that is how i am trying to set up the car. Any advise will be appreciated.

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