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Bs-Au7 Full Wiring Code/colours

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Posted 28 August 2013 - 05:56 PM

Because not everyone has access to a wiring diagram, or understands it, I have reproduced here the British Standards wiring colours and what colours do which circuit. So if you see a wire your unsure off then check here the circuit and its main colour and tracer which will no doubt make it easier for those who think electrick are a bit of a dark art.



Brown Main battery feed
Brown Blue Control box (compensated voltage control only) to ignition and lighting switch (feed)
Brown Red Compression ignition starting aid to switch. Main battery feed to double pole ignition switch
(a.c. alt. System)
Brown Purple Alternator regulator feed
Brown Green Dynamo ‘F’ to control box ‘F’
Brown Light Green Screenwiper motor to switch
Brown White Ammeter to control box. Ammeter to main alternator terminal
Brown Yellow Dynamo ‘D’ to control box ‘D’ and ignition warning light. Alternator neutral point.
Brown Black Alternator warning light, negative side
Brown Pink
Brown Slate
Brown Orange
Blue Lighting switch (head) to dipper switch
Blue Brown
Blue Red Dipper switch to headlamp dip beam. Headlamp dip beam fuse to right-hand headlamp
(when independently fused)
Blue Purple
Blue Green
Blue Light Green Screenwiper motor to switch
Blue White Dipper switch to headlamp main beam (subsidiary circuit – headlamp flasher relay to
headlamp). Headlamp main beam fuse to right-hand headlamp (when independently fused).
Headlamp main beam fuse to outboard headlamps (when outboard headlamps
independently fused). Dipper switch to main beam warning light.
Blue Yellow Long range driving switch to lamp
Blue Black
Blue Pink Headlamp dip beam fuse to left-hand headlamp (when independently fused)
Blue Slate Headlamp main beam fuse to left-hand headlamp or inboard headlamps (when
independently fused)
Blue Orange
Red Side and tail lamp feed
Red Brown Variable intensity panel lights (when used in addition to normal panel lights)
Red Blue
Red Purple Map light switch to map light
Red Green Lighting switch to side and tail lamp fuse (when fused)
Red Light Green Screenwiper motor to switch
Red White Panel light switch to panel lights
Red Yellow Fog lamp switch to fog lamps
Red Black Parking switch to left-hand side lamp
Red Pink
Red Slate
Red Orange Parking switch to right-hand side lamp
Purple Accessories fused direct from the battery
Purple Brown Horn fuse to horn relay (when horn is fused separately)
Purple Blue
Purple Red Boot light switch to boot light
Purple Green
Purple Light Green
Purple White Interior light to switch (subsidiary circuit – door safety lights to switch)
Purple Yellow Horn to horn relay
Purple Black Horn or horn relay to horn push
Aerial lift motor to switch UP
Aerial lift motor to switch DOWN

Green Accessories fused via ignition switch (subsidiary circuit fuse A4 to hazard switch (terminal 6))
Green Brown Reverse lamp to switch
Green Blue Water temperature gauge to temperature unit
Green Red Left-hand flasher lamps
Green Purple Stop lamps to stop lamp switch
Green Light Green Hazard flasher unit to hazard pilot lamp
Green White Right-hand flasher lamps
Green Yellow Heater motor to switch, single speed (or to ‘slow’ on two-speed motor)
Green Black Fuel gauge to fuel tank unit or changeover switch
Green Pink Choke solenoid to choke switch (when fused)
Green Slate Heater motor to switch (or to ‘fast’ on two-speed motor)
Green Orange Low fuel level warning light
Light Green Instrument voltage stabiliser to instruments
Light Green Brown Flasher switch to flasher unit ‘L’
Light Green Blue Flasher switch to left-hand flasher warning light
Light Green Red Fuel tank changeover switch to right-hand tank unit
Light Green Purple Flasher unit ‘F’ to flasher warning light
Light Green Green Starter Inhibitor, or 2nd Speed to heater blower
Light Green White Low Air Pressure Warning Light
Light Green Yellow Flasher switch to right-hand flasher warning light
Light Green Black Screen jet switch to screen jet motor
Light Green Pink Flasher unit ‘L’ to emergency switch (simultaneous flashing)
Light Green Slate Fuel tank changeover switch to left-hand tank unit
Light Green Orange Rear Washer Switch to Pump
White Ignition control circuit (unfused) (Ignition switch to ballast resistor)
White Brown Oil pressure switch to warning light or gauge
White Blue Choke switch to choke solenoid (unfused). Rear heater fuse unit to switch. Electronic
ignition TAC ignition unit to resistance.
White Red Solenoid starter switch to starter push or inhibitor switch
White Purple Fuel pump No. 1 or right-hand to change-over switch
White Green Fuel pump No. 2 or left-hand to change-over switch
White Light Green Screenwiper motor to switch
White Yellow Starter inhibitor switch to starter push. Ballast resistor to coil. Starter solenoid to coil.
White Black Ignition coil CB to distributor contact breaker. Rear heated window to switch or fuse TAC
White Pink Radio from ignition switch
White Slate Tachometer to ignition coil
White Orange Hazard warning feed (to switch)
Yellow Overdrive
Yellow Brown Overdrive
Yellow Blue Overdrive
Yellow Red Overdrive
Yellow Purple Overdrive
Yellow Green Overdrive
Yellow Light Green Screenwiper motor to switch
Yellow White
Yellow Black
Yellow Pink
Yellow Slate
Yellow Orange

Black All earth connections
Black Brown Tachometer generator to tachometer
Black Blue Tachometer generator to tachometer
Black Red Electric speedometer
Black Purple
Black Green Screenwiper switch to screenwiper (single speed) relay to radiator fan motor
Black Light Green Vacuum brake switch to warning light and/or buzzer
Black White Brake fluid level warning light to switch and handbrake switch
Black Yellow Electric speedometer
Black Pink
Black Slate
Black Orange Radiator fan motor to thermal switch
Slate Window lift
Slate Brown Window lift
Slate Blue Window lift
Slate Red Window lift
Slate Purple Window lift
Slate Green Window lift
Slate Light Green Window lift
Slate White Window lift
Slate Yellow Window lift
Slate Black Window lift
Slate Pink Window lift
Slate Orange Window lift



I have put the full printable pdf below for those that want the full printed copy

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