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Get Your Engine In Time For Winter - Tmf+ Discount Available

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Posted 05 August 2020 - 09:47 PM




We now have the facility to set up payment plans on our website. This means we can help you get planning your projects, Help to keep your dream engine affordable and in turn help us to get the MCCS Engineering range of engines into as many cars as possible.


What we offer:

998, 1071, 1098 and 1275cc Transverse A Series Engines.

  • ​Reconditioned (remanufactured) to better-than-new standards.

  • Sports - Our sports range offers a fully balanced bottom end with our preferred camshaft for active sports performance in the chosen engine cc. Duplex timing, all new internals. Fully reconditioned cylinder head, CC checked to compliment the package, with double valve springs and 1.3 ratio forged rockers.

  • Road Sports - Building on the strong foundations of the Sports package. Fully balanced bottom end including a New Clutch and Flywheel. Fully dialled in timing with Vernier duplex system. Full Stage 3 Cylinder head CC checked to give optimum Road Sports performance. (see specification here...) a great punchy fast road engine.

  • Super Sports - Taking the Road Sport package to the next level. Fully balanced and lightened bottom end. Dialled in timing with Vernier Duplex timing system. Full Super Sport Cylinder Head CC checked for ultimate performance (see specification here...) and our ultimate fast road camshaft.


Take a look and drop us a message if you have any questions or would like to set up your dream engine purchase.


You can view some of the range here... https://www.mccsengi...es-classic-mini


If you cannot see what you require, Please contact us directly at [email protected] and we will be happy to work through your requirements.


Thank you for looking and for al the incredible feedback and visits/orders we have had so far. 


Kind Regards,



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Posted 23 August 2020 - 06:53 PM

Interesting. . . . Can a leopard change its spots or just its trading name !!!
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Posted 24 August 2020 - 04:37 PM

Hi Guys,

A customer rang the guys yesterday, a little worried that things were being said that might be untrue.

For anyone who might not be familiar with MCCS please allow me to introduce first myself and then give a background to the business.


I am going to make this post as informative as possible and then I will not be responding further on this matter. Things have a way of blowing around on social media. I will however be on the forum with all my infinite wisdom and ponderings.


My name is Michael, also known as MK. I have been around the men that make up MCCS for quite a few years, some have come in, location has changed but the work has never changed. MCCS are a machine and fabrication shop. I am not a part of the machining team but I am responsible for putting the guys on-line.


It is important to note that up until 2020 the men who form MCCS were split between a couple of workshops, with some of the machines even being in their own workshops at home. This had worked for them for many years due to the work mostly being trade and split between machining and fabricating so multiple sites worked, It had also meant that work was carried out on a self employed basis with each invoicing for their own work. With trade slowing down from March 2020 to the point that put a couple of the guys contemplating what to do and whether to call it a day, I put the idea to them that they should machine up the engines they had around their workshop and put them up for sale under their own branding. With a few engine restorers closing over recent years I said that they would find the community welcoming a quality engine re-manufacturer not focused solely on race. Rather than 4 sole-traders advertising the engines we came up with the idea of taking letters from their names and eventually came up with MCCS Engineering Ltd. 


Now to address the link that people are putting forward.


Martyn has been working with the 3 other gentlemen for years. He has always stayed within the machining and fabrication industry. As the link suggests he is related as the father of the man who ran the other company. Martyn was never employed by them. He had big reservations when his son wanted to set up a retail business and move away from machining and opted to stay away from the retail side. Offering his services when needed as a fabricator and of course the machining side which was approached on a sole trader basis. The business caused a rift which eventually led to Martyn spending all of his time back at his machine shop. Later, In the final 12 months of the other business Martyn reached out and attempted to put things in place to help but in the end with no positive outcome and only private loss.


The decision was made by the 4 that make up MCCS that the director for the business would be Martyn as he had supplied the most machinery and his name was on the building that the 4 had moved into. Moving to one premises has put new fire into the guys who now have all of their equipment in one building (well it will all be in one building in the coming months, some of it is very heavy) and all share the same passion for the brand they have created.


MCCS Engineering recondition machines, engines, fabricate and engine build. Classic car engines are a very rewarding part of the business for the gents who have a vast experience on so many marques, but are not the only aspect of the business.


To wrap up...


With MCCS carrying out the machining work in their own premises they are able to offer full control of the build, full control of the quality, timescale etc. As a result they are very busy but also with 4 skilled engineers and a designated builder they are able to keep build times to a minimum.


There are already many happy MCCS customers and hundreds more from the days before the branding. MCCS let their work speak for itself and would welcome anyone who reaches out for one of their services. Again as they carry out their own machining, there are no huge deposits and there are always engines to come and view.


I hope that puts peoples minds at ease. We hope to work with and assist many of you. We will welcome all customers as we have since opening up to the public and we hope that you consider MCCS when you are looking for quality engine builds.


Speak to you all on the forum.



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