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How I Supercharged My Metro 998 Hle

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Posted 10 November 2021 - 09:54 AM

I imagine one question potential customers will be asking is, given that the brake servo will have to be removed, what is the alternative to provide (the even more necessary) good braking?

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Posted 10 November 2021 - 12:41 PM

Firstly there is the argument that you don’t need “better brakes” on a road car. No matter how much power you have you’re still stopping from the maximum speed for the road that you’re driving on, be it 30, 50 or 70mph in the UK.

Secondly brake servos don’t increase the stopping power of the brakes, they reduce the effort needed to push the brake pedal.

#33 Turbo Phil

Turbo Phil

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Posted 10 November 2021 - 12:49 PM

As Jon rightly said, servos don’t make the brakes any better, they simply reduce the pedal effort required.


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Posted 10 November 2021 - 02:18 PM

The braking effect is proportional to how hard the pads are pushed, but there is a limit based on when the tyres lose grip that will be much the same with, or without, a servo. 


It doesn't matter how  powerful the engine is: braking is about turning the car's inertia in to heat energy so that's all about its mass & speed. Though more power  improves acceleration, so you can get from braking point to braking point quicker & be going faster when you arrive -that's likely to cause fade from overheating.


Metros didn't all have servos originally - a yellow band Mini master would likely offer the best servo-less performance, but the unions are different and you'd need to replumb it as a front/rear split.



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Posted 25 December 2021 - 11:08 PM

Hi, I am building a 1310 (long slow project), today I spotted a couple of Eaton E45s locally and started dreaming / thinking about a supercharger.


Initially I was going with a HIF44 but then spotted a Weber DCOE 45 and in a moment of madness I paid for it (well I did some research first to ensure I knew what I was getting into. 

I love the look and sound of a Weber but half of it will be hidden in the AirBox that I will need to cut / weld into the bulkhead. Now with the DCOE mounted on the end of a Supercharger - how SEXY COOL!!


The problem is - the cost. Shelling out £1900 for a Vmaxscart kit is just not going to happen, so I wonder how much of a saving I could by doing it myself?


Not much

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