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Project Zippy - Mk1 1981 Midas Project.

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Posted Yesterday, 02:18 PM

So, the burning question is this: Does the Mini Spares RC40 exhaust (flipped over at the rear so it exits the other side) fit a Midas? After this morning's exertions the simple answer is "no". BUT it is not a resounding no. I knew it would need a little bit of work to make things work anyway, but I was surprised at how close things were.
I was able with the use of two axle stands and a centre mount to get the exhaust hanging roughly in position. A lift would have helped massively here, as would an extra pair of hands. However, due to the current situation, I had to make do with me, myself and I. Naturally it was a bit of a struggle, but as this is just a test fit it will do for now.
Some things I have learned:
1. The centre mount is too low - a bit of massaging (i.e. shorten it by 3/4") would sort that, although the exhaust doesn't quite hang centrally to the mount. I may have to investigate further. Also the pipe from the centre box to the back box angles down a touch. As I will be modifying this anyway, I may cut the "droopy" bit out to be replaced with straight pipe.
2. The pipe exit is about 3-4 inches too far to the left. I didn't expect it to line up anyway, but to be that close is quite satisfying. My plan here is to cut the pipe between the two boxes and add a small extension. I have a couple of bits of exhaust around the garage - hopefully I will have something suitable.
3. I need to make a shield for the fuel pipe from the tank to the pump and also add some extra heat protection to the bottom of the tank where the exhaust will pass underneath.
4. I need to also rig up a mounting for the rear as well as securing the LCB to the gearbox. I am sure I have a bracket for the latter somewhere in my pile of goodies.
All in all a successful morning.
Front pipe on and secured by axle stand.
Oh so close!!
For something that goes on a different vehicle, it's pretty close. Needs work and a bit of lateral thinking, but good enough for now.

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Posted Yesterday, 05:44 PM

Mine has the main silencer in the tunnel, a 90o bend & smaller can along the suspension beam & a several slight bends in the pipe to fit between the coilover & tank.


 I could try & get a photo but it wouldn't be v good.

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