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Project Zippy - Mk1 1981 Midas Project.

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Posted 12 October 2020 - 01:06 PM

Yesterday I figured out that I had no excuse for not drilling the holes for my nice new dials, so I cracked out the measuring stick, a Sharpie and the very last of my masking tape to make sure they were in the right place. I drilled a pilot hole for each of them and got out the holesaws. Typically, I only have a 51mm or 54mm. The dial is 52mm. I used the 51mm holesaw as it much easier to make the hole slightly bigger once cut than the other way round! A small amount of relief work using the sanding drum on the Dremel and both dials fitted in nicely with a tiny amount of drag. Perfect.
Once done, I did a whole load of sanding over the dash. I then set about giving the dash its first coat of filler as there were numerous low spots and the occasional hole. This will be dealt with when I get my next load of sandpaper, because I have run out off that too. Joy.
Dial positions marked out
And holes cut - they sit nicely.
Quite a lot of smoothing needed...

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Posted 12 October 2020 - 02:00 PM

that's coming along nicely.  

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Posted 16 October 2020 - 09:01 PM

One thing I could never have the patience to do is work as a prep man in a bodyshop. The main reason? I can't lie - I hate sanding. I simply don't have the patience for it and when I do it, I often find I am not that good at it. Now granted the dashboard I am working on was in a pretty shocking state when I first got my hands on it, but every time I have a look at it I find something new that's wrong or I make a mistake. Whilst sanding the first run of filler down, I managed to find an air bubble in a modification I'd done some years ago, by sanding through the (thin) top layer of resin. So out came the P40, and I had to fill in the hole. I followed this up with two more loads of Dolphin Glaze, but I was still struggling to get it right. I then figured that because the dash was multiple different shades, it'd be far easier to manage if it was all one colour. So I sprayed it with the last of my primer and have left it to dry.
Whilst it was drying I turned my attention to the 52mm rev counter I bought on eBay. I initially thought it was a Tim gauge as I had one very similar many years ago, but I then realised it's very similar but a no-name brand. It wouldn't surprise me if it was made in the same factory. For £8 I am not complaining. There was a minor issue with the surround (a couple of minor dents which I have mostly got out), and the bulb had got close to the plastic body and melted it. I had a feeling that the bulb was not in a proper holder and I was right - just a close fitting rubber grommet. Unfortunately the way it was fitted pointed the bulb up close to the plastic. I took the unit apart and simply put in a piece of of high temperature exhaust tape which should solve the problem of a hot bulb against plastic. 
Finally, the rev counter had no retaining bracket. I didn't have a piece of metal long enough to make one. Or so I thought. A rummage through my steel offcuts tin found the remains of the first version of the gear selector and I was able to cut a piece from that. Much Dremel-ing, hammering, use of the drill and the bench grinder saw a half decent bracket. It does need some minor adjustment - the "legs" are about 5mm too long and it needs paint, but they should be easy fixes.
The a hole in my dashboard, dear Liza...
All sanded, but there's bound to be more imperfections...
...which a coat of primer has highlighted. More to follow.
Cheap rev counter - an eBay steal.
It wasn't without its problems - close proximity of bulb had melted the plastic body
A bit of exhaust tape sorted that
And I fabricated a new bracket from an old bracket. Obviously.

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