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Mini Dis-Advantage Project

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#331 cookie4343


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Posted 29 August 2020 - 08:56 AM

Excellent work mate, body work is a skill, I've got pretty good at it but no where near perfect, just find it takes longer. Looking forward to more updates.

#332 Avtovaz


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Posted 29 August 2020 - 10:10 AM

Sorry : why I can not see the pics in this thread ?


should be able to mate, i have a mate in Hu that reads this thread, and one is Bulgaria too [irc alex?] , not sure why?

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Posted 30 August 2020 - 08:42 PM

i had another go at the bonnet today, i whacked the wing first with wood and a hammer. then i cut the lip off the bonnet, and made a new one







found a little rust hole as i was doing it too!!!





sorted that out.


primed the front in 2k high build









the bonnet is just on there, not aligned properly, so itll be ok



but i aslo decided i wanted to paint the boot lid, which i attempted before the primer. I had already prepped it, just rubbed it off with the da with some 600 discs then painted it.









as soon as i started painting i thought something wasnt right. I thought the paint was too thick, so i put some more thinners in. I did a second coat and it all started to fall off. I cleaned the gun to find the air tip wasnt tight. I could not believe it. I have no luck when it comes to painting this car ! So ill leave it to go hard, and sand it at some point.

#334 colinf1


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Posted 30 August 2020 - 09:04 PM

I had paint issues with my last mini resto, it's disheartening when you put so much effort in, only for it to mess up at the last stage.

Keep at it, you're giving me motivation to get mine sorted lol

#335 Avtovaz


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Posted 01 September 2020 - 07:27 PM

not a mega update but something!


i have been told about air fed masks, so i looked at getting one. they are realyl expencive for the home gamer, so i decided to make one!





so that is a chacoal filter mask, i removed all the charcoal, added 2 6mm fittings, blocked off the inlet, and put this to a pressure regulator. i primed the bonnet to try it








It worked ok but the compressor was charging once every min, its a 50 ltr vtwin, and when i finished i noticed in my water trap there was a lot of water. This is not usually the case, so ive ordered another charcoal mask, and go back that way. It worked well, just i have heard that the air fed are the best.



I found some rust on the back panel ! So i removed all the primer, back to bare






then teh hydrate 80 on it







this stuff is meant to be really good but i have heard you can paint over it. so i tried to sand it today and it was having non of that, so i removed it ont he pillar and refilled it.




checking in the shadows in the wet primer, it looks nice and flat over the welds!

#336 Ben_O


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Posted 01 September 2020 - 10:43 PM

Be very careful breathing unfiltered air from your compressor. The lubricating oil can be nasty.

I had some particularly nasty side affects and that was using a proper filtered air fed mask on a v twin

#337 Avtovaz


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Posted 02 September 2020 - 04:11 PM

yes defo binned that idea, and that maybe why i felt a bit strange using it. i didnt know about that oil! thanks!

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Posted 11 September 2020 - 04:18 PM

Really starting to take shape now, panel gaps are looking good.

#339 Avtovaz


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Posted 11 September 2020 - 07:33 PM

thanks mate! i still recon at some point ill be putting a new bonnet on it, but just see how it turns out first.



So first thing to report is, when the car was done, i was going to take it to my mate allister "get clobbered" motorsport, he has a vinal laser cutter and i was going to get him to make the decals for the car, but!! On ebay, these turned up!





There is 2 sets there, 2 different auctions, both for £20! Im made up!



Think i have already said , the bootlid messed up and it went back to bare metal. that got primed again.








I primed the rear after taking the rust remover off, and refilled some bits







Not really a big issue but its sorted now


Put some filler in the a panel, and post.





Sorted that out and primed that area too, then found a dent in the wing and filled that







I pushed the car out, had a look around it, and to my surprise its not far off paint now. i mean, there is a lot of work to do but its not big efforts, its little bits





Like this, its one of the early repairs, i hadnt ground off the back of the weld properly.





I put 4 coats of high build on the roof, and that is where the car is now








I bought this light from ebay, it was £15, meant for office roofs, its a light brighter than the strip light i had before, so ive ordered a few more so when im painting i can see properly. When i did the roof primer, i could see the wet edge a lot better with just the one better light. Ive ordered another 5 !!



#340 Avtovaz


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Posted 23 October 2020 - 09:34 PM

so not much in the way of interesting mini action but here we are, some pics


First the roof in the garage and the lights




Got them all wired in, and they are amazing compaired to before, defo if you need lights get some of these.


and look how bright it looks






Now to something quite serious. I a have been worried about the wiring inthe garage for a while, we have 1 13amp socet and i run everything from that. i always only have one thing going at one time, and have tried to be careful. its been like this for a long time. As time has gone on, and ive got more tools etc, with out reolising , im using more power. One day i noticed the led lights flickering, and i put the kettle on, and i could hear some arcing noise. It was the plug in the wall.




If you have a garage, make sure its wired right. I may have been lucky, could have gone on fire, and for the price of the bits, it isnt that expensive compared to a new house. Ive put in 75 meters of 2.5 twin earth, 5 sockets, a new consumer unit, 6mm wire from the house fuse box still not wired in but its wired to a 15amp feed until the lekky comes out to do it. All in all, £120. If anyone needs help with their wiring, or is unsure, please ask me or pm me, or start a thread. Ill be more than happy to add my 50p in, rather than you burning down your house. ok rant over as they say.





thats the consumer unit, £28 from screw fix, and it works really well... Recommend watching some of big clives content on house wiring, really good.




Now all safe.





One job i had done is do like on phantom works, where he goes around the car with masking tape and marks all the bad bits






Working on them has taken ages, im still learing.



One of the first jobs i did on the car was the floor, and the crossmember, i never liked the way it looked, and i decided to just renew it even though it was new!





that upset the floor under the car, so have to sort that out too, but its in etch primer for now






going to paint the engine bay next, then mask it all up and do the inside, then mask that up, then paint the boot








I also have a bmw rally car, and it has a volvo b230 engine which runs microsquirt, its really good, i can fault find it and do a lot of things to it. But ultimately, it gets tuned by Chris at EFI in runcorn. He is really good! When i was there i showed him the ecu for the mini...






Before he knew what it was, he was really interested, then said " oooh whats this you bring me!" lol! He said a speeduino does the job but its like taking your car to a paintshop and asking them to not use their devilbus gti, but use a paint roller instead, itll do the job but...


Now, to be fair he had quite a little look at it then , its all smd, preassembled, and looks rubust to me. He said he dosnt mind tuning it, but say you on the microsquirt have 10 ways of adjusting something, this will have 2, so its like frustrating for him. I also showed his the injection system.


If you can guess what its from before you i tell you, ill be amazed..
























its from a Vaz 21214 or as you know it as a Lada niva 1700 spi.


this will get adapted to the Mini spi manifold






So why dont i use a spi mini unit? first of all, i bought one that had parts missing, and i didnt reolise it had parts missing, so im £75 in there, and to get the bits costs more than adapting this. Also, this little unit is very simular to the ones fitted to a lot of vauxhalls, renults, etc. So imho its easier to get parts for, also, its a lot more modern than the mini one. It has a tiny idle valve built in instead of a stepper motor, tps, fuel reg etc, its very compact thing. It has a bitter "choke" size than the spi mini one so if i go for the 1293 in it, i can use this easily. Plus, being a >massive< Lada fan, itll make me smile to have it on there.


When chris was looking the parts, and he really came around to the idea, and gave me a few good pointers, i dont think he had seen the mono injection unit before, but said it looks a good set up, and saw why i wanted the speeduino as even the microsquirt was a bit overkill.



So yea, once i get past the paint stage, this car will go together quite quickly i think.

#341 Midas Mk1

Midas Mk1

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Posted 23 October 2020 - 09:59 PM

Great progress! Chris at Efi is ace, did a right good job on the map for my Sportspack.


Edited by Midas Mk1, 23 October 2020 - 09:59 PM.

#342 Avtovaz


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Posted 24 October 2020 - 06:53 PM

yes, he is very good.



so more, painted the engine bay
















quite happy with it.

#343 Ben_O


    Mill Road Garage

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Posted 24 October 2020 - 08:39 PM

Lovely job!

#344 Avtovaz


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Posted 25 October 2020 - 08:04 PM

Thanks Ben, you will have the other advantage done by the time if done my body  work lol




painted inside today







there is a few bits im not happy with, but the plan was to get it painted and get the outside done, then redo the little bits. Reason is, its getting cold, want the car painted asap!

#345 Avtovaz


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Posted 30 October 2020 - 08:15 PM

with the inside masked up, started on the side of the car!


look out, pics of painted panels comming!






first coat



second  etc














it looks really good, i had bought a new gun, all of £16 from ebay! painted very well to be fair. there is a few little marks that i dont think you will see outside, but i can see right under the lights, and also, i recon itll get damaged or something anyway, so i dont mind at all doing it again. This was more of a test, but it will do for the final product also!


got to paint the sill tomorrow if i can, then either the rear of the car, or the other side. not sure yet.

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