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Braking Issue

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#1 jackson-minis


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Posted 21 July 2009 - 11:15 PM

i have had a problem with the mini and wondered if anyone could help and advise me what to do, i have a problem with the rear end stepping out on the mini when turning and braking hard, the rear brakes are locking up before the fronts, put them on the brake rollers and the front are 220 and the rears both 90-100, the brakes are 4pots on the fronts and alloy minifins on the rear, i feel some sort of bias is needed or something to make the rear brake less as it becomes very dangerous when under emergency stoping and situations that cant be helped, ive had a couple of near misses with other road users not appriciating right of way issues etc, i know people say don't break round corners but sometimes it can't be helped with certain situations, i don't drive the mini fast the 4pots are there as i wanted the best for the car, is there anything i can do to stop the rear brakes locking? cheers guys (please no comments about driving to conditions etc its not appriciated i know how to drive, situations concerning other drivers making errors hence forcing you to emergecy brake your vehicle is what im referring to not an issue of speed or poor driving, i am sure you appriciate emergencies cannot be helped when you are not in controle of another vehicle, only your own)
sorry to rant on but had to change the thread because there are some people on this forum i have found to be very patronizing and some what rude, only a very few minority, thanks gazz.

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#2 Mini Man Dan

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Posted 22 July 2009 - 06:37 AM

Maybe you should start driving to the conditions so that you don't have to brake so harshly? Try reading the road further ahead and then maybe you wont have to brake whilst right on the corner.

Maybe if you ask a mod to move this to the technical section it may get the attention of someone with a little more knowledge about this. If it is pulling to one side then maybe one brake cylinder isn't working correctly? Or is there air in the line? (I'm not 100% on this so you would be better waiting for another opinion)

#3 BusheyTrader


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Posted 08 August 2010 - 05:48 PM


Hard cornering + sudden braking = bad idea.

Under braking, road cars lock up their front wheels first to induce understeer so the car ploughs straight on. If the rear locks up first then you've got spin inducing understeer.

What's the full spec of your braking system? Have you uprated the rear cylinders? Is there still a regulator valve there and working properly. http://www.minispare...=...8629&title=

You've probably read this before from Minispares website but if not: "The most common brake system on the Mini has Disc brakes in the front and drums in the rear. The weight bias on the car is all in the front and thus under hard braking ALL of the weight is transfered to the front. When this happens it is very easy to have the rear brakes lock up before the front. Not only can this be un-nerving; it can be down right unsafe! The standard Mini both 4 wheel drum and later model disc brake cars has a special valve in the hydraulic line from the front to the year. This valve 'limits' the amount of fluid pressure that can be applied to the rear. The valve is the same for all models that used a single cylinder master. Most of us have over the years changed the car in some fashion, bigger wheels, different ride heights, etc. that would upset the front to rear balance. "

Hope this helps.


#4 jamiestevenbell


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Posted 29 April 2011 - 08:23 PM

try slackening the rear drums off abit

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