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K20 Race Frame Build

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#61 johnR


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Posted 20 July 2020 - 12:54 PM

Very nice - well done!

#62 drmandy


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Posted 28 August 2020 - 06:54 AM

Your build is insane-well done!!! I wish I had your motivation. Congrats

#63 mmaci


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Posted 01 September 2020 - 08:45 PM

Thanks everyone, we're chuffed with how it's come out! Still some bits inside to finish but they can wait till winter. We've put a good few hundred miles onto her now and getting to know it better all the time. No mishaps yet, nearly lost an arch because the sikaflex hadn't taken right. Thankfully the old man spotted it in the mirror before it disappeared! Easily fixed and it's now bolted on with small black domed allan head bolts. (yet to do the other 3 but I will at some point..) 

50294862673_56e20dda87_z.jpgUntitled by Mark Maciver, on Flickr

50295695567_f4083d1b14_z.jpgUntitled by Mark Maciver, on Flickr

Thought this was carbon peeled from the arch at first...thankfully just the imprint!


50295511406_6235733625_z.jpgUntitled by Mark Maciver, on Flickr

50295663132_0860ddb6f6_z.jpgUntitled by Mark Maciver, on Flickr


On the road it's been pretty good, certainly more comfortable than I thought it would be and turns heads absolutely everywhere. The LSD is quite noisy (especially when slow/tight turns) but sticks like sh*t to a blanket, doing its job. If I could change one thing it would be the gearing... First (3rd in the TypeR box) is almost pointless, almost always take off in second. When you're on VTEC and change from second to third it drops out of VTEC by about 500 revs. Not the end of the world but something I'm going to see if I can get adjusted on the map. Either way, it makes you smile every time it engages :D .


We also managed to get her on to the weigh bridge at our local ferry, hardly the most scientific way to weigh it but 680KGS (minus driver!) is a good result. Carbon front and aluminium doors definitely earning their keep. That gives just about 340 horse per ton. Happy with that! (Let's ignore the fact there's no rear windows..they're only perspex anyway!)

50294820518_0004c0e90f_z.jpgUntitled by Mark Maciver, on Flickr


Currently she's sat in the garage waiting for an inlet gasket and a oil change. Running slightly rough in the lower revs so did the usual checks of coils/plugs but no luck. Managed to get some spare injectors since the cylinder 1 seems to have everything but fuel. Pulled the injector and the cap fell off the end into the head...doh.. Manifold off and since it's that much of a ball ache to get off we're as well putting a new gasket on while it is. Once that's back together hopefully it'll be running as it should.


50295505136_686b5413d7_z.jpgUntitled by Mark Maciver, on Flickr

50294853678_457dca7a27_z.jpgUntitled by Mark Maciver, on Flickr



Thanks for reading!  :highfive:




#64 mmaci


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Posted 15 January 2021 - 05:33 PM

Evening all,


Since my last post the Mini has indeed been put back together with a replacement injector and new inlet gasket. The first gasket was for the earlier k20...shame we didn't notice until after it was all back together and leaked water everywhere  >_< Also freshened up the rocker cover with some new washers.


50329864437_9a2e8bef1f_z.jpgUntitled by Mark Maciver, on Flickr


Other than that it's been all good, tucked up for winter just now. I've got a Carbon Weezel number plate light to fit and then a full service ready for this year. We'll get round to finishing the odd jobs eventually but for now it's good enough to use  :thumbsup:


50838686486_4e972d3e48_z.jpgUntitled by Mark Maciver, on Flickr


50838686736_852fc5e984_z.jpgUntitled by Mark Maciver, on Flickr


50838686846_b541a6f115_z.jpgUntitled by Mark Maciver, on Flickr


50838686861_b695c9fea4_z.jpgUntitled by Mark Maciver, on Flickr


50838770582_7eafc9019a_z.jpgUntitled by Mark Maciver, on Flickr

#65 mmaci


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Posted 03 May 2022 - 02:42 PM

It's been a while so I thought I'd throw a wee update together. Mini is still going strong, changed the wheels since my last update for a set of Gold 13x7 JBW Superlites which I absolutely love. Other than that it's been very much case of just using her on the good days, absolutely no problems of note which always amazes me.. Still haven't got round to finishing the dashboard or making a perspex engine cover but earplugs do the job for now. We've also added a Mk2 Escort to the garage, thankfully not the same amount of working needing done to that but the whole plan was to find one that didn't need to meet the mig! Good, clean south african 16 sport - not as fast as the Mini that'd for sure but certainly more chilled!


Plan is to hopefully sort the bits on the Mini we haven't quite finished. Hopefully get the map adjusted too so VTEC engages slightly early in third, the gearing at the moment means it drops out by around 150rpm when you change from second to third, hopefully an easy fix.


52047766479_91ee0850cd_z.jpgUntitled by Mark Maciver, on Flickr


52046472847_81eddc060a_z.jpgUntitled by Mark Maciver, on Flickr


52047522946_860c6516f5_z.jpgUntitled by Mark Maciver, on Flickr



52046472867_32e501f603_z.jpgUntitled by Mark Maciver, on Flickr


52048026175_15cd2c8c04_z.jpgUntitled by Mark Maciver, on Flickr


52047586473_250a375bc6_z.jpgUntitled by Mark Maciver, on Flickr


52047784699_3b4cd95785_z.jpgUntitled by Mark Maciver, on Flickr


52047784574_27baa7ef0c_z.jpgUntitled by Mark Maciver, on Flickr





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#66 KTS


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Posted 03 May 2022 - 03:39 PM

that's a nice pair  ;D  !

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