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Suitable Speakers For Metro Door Pockets

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#1 Tumbleweed-Connection


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Posted 12 March 2020 - 07:36 AM

Hi all,


This is a topic that hasn't been repeated for a good five minutes, so figured it was about time to have a go myself. Full disclosure, I know next to nothing about car audio, so forgive any amateur questions.


I have a pair of the MK1 Metro door pockets, as per the picture below from another thread (apologies for blatant theft - I will stop being lazy and take my own picture if anyone is furious).






Now obviously the range of 10cm / 4" speaker choices is going to be pretty limited due to the lack of depth in a standard door pocket, but given the threads I can find on this are quite a number of years old by now (and only one mentions a speaker choice), I was wondering if anyone had good recommendations for some quality speakers that would fit (without any door card or door skin chopping)?


I am prepared to spend a good amount of money if required. I see little point in cheaping out given these chaps are going to be constrained to start with due to the space - most seem a little too cheap to be decent to be honest!


43cm seems like a common mounting depth, which I think would just about fit (the profile of the pocket is curved, so tricky to measure). I've had a look at the Pioneer range - namely, TS-G1030F (3 way coax), TS-G1020F (2 way coax) and TS-G1010F (dual cone). 


I would imagine the TS-G1030F is going to be superior to the TS-G1020F - the only problem I have with these two is how much the mid section protrudes from the cone itself. There really isn't a great deal of space in the pocket and there would need to be some clearance left for when the music gets cranking. Having attempted to measure, the centre clearance from the top of mounting holes to the back side of the pocket is around 10mm - would this be enough?


If not, that would leave the choice of the TS-G1010F, which obviously comes with its own drawbacks with just being a dual cone jobbie (and looks a bit crap with the silver bits, but I suppose you don't see them).


Any advice or alternative options would be greatly appreciated.




#2 unburntfuelinthemorning


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Posted 12 March 2020 - 12:20 PM

You won't really go wrong with a good manufacturers premium range of speakers however the sound will never be that good if these are your only speakers as they are too small and the positioning will be wrong.

#3 Tumbleweed-Connection


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Posted 12 March 2020 - 01:05 PM

They won't be my only speakers as I'll be retaining the standard parcel shelf location - these are just intended as a supplement, whilst retaining the factory look.

#4 Alice Dooper

Alice Dooper

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Posted 18 March 2020 - 05:09 PM

I did the same.  A set of Metro mk 1 pockets, lined them with speaker fabric and tidied them up with vinyl paint.  I routed the cables through a hole I’d already made for central locking wiring.


mine were Vibe 10cm jobs from Halfords and are supplemental to a stock pair on the parcel shelf.   They’re not producing the best sound due to the plastic enclosure and the door card but they have an entirely stock look and even use the same screw holes through the card.  I’m a little bit cautious of making new holes or cutting great chunks out my door cards as they’re nice original late Rover ones in an unusual dove grey colour to match the original leather seats.


its pretty hard to have good sound in a moving mini, we’ve a load of closed cell foam and dynamat all over the place, but it’s trying to combat a fairly aggresive but liveable stock Cooper s exhaust.  Not much good for a quiet drive or for audio but epic if you want to scare a few pedestrians and feel like Paddy Hopkirk burning up a few country lanes.  

#5 Tumbleweed-Connection


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Posted 18 March 2020 - 09:34 PM

I suppose you had to make an additional hole to route the cable through the door card, though. I'm the same, so will have to see if I can find a donor pair of door cards to preserve the originals.

#6 humph


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Posted 19 March 2020 - 09:18 AM

As far as routing of cables go, one of the local guys has suggested using mk1 door checks for routing them. If necessary make a small slot in the back of the pocket for the check strap to pass through, so the pocket sits flush. Always quite liked the theory, but haven't fitted mine yet as my head unit has stopped working, and I quite like the engine sound with no stereo.

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