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mallory park race 2

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#1 z cars chris

z cars chris

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Posted 16 April 2007 - 06:39 AM

second outing in the works mini was at mallory park
ive never raced there before so it was a big learning curve for me to say the least
it was nice to see pete edwards with his big yellow vauxhall powered front wheel drive car there and he also had a mate there with a silver front wheel drive mini not sure whats in that one
the monte carlo with hyabusa power was still suffering from overheating problems it would run for 6 laps at 80 degrees then shoot up to 120 in about 2seconds we thought it was a sticky thermostat so removed it for the race
the monte qualified 6th and i was 8th on the grid
both of us got storming starts again and chris maries in the monte was 1st through gerrards i was 3rd
the monte led for 6 laps then bang the temperature went off the clock again so chris retired the car
i was embroiled in a full race battle between a westfield with 2 litre zetec power and a lotus europa
the westfield came past me early on and started losing oil all over the track in front of me NOT GOOD
i nearly lost it out of the hairpin on his oil and the windscreen was covered in it as a result of that i moved off line and the europa came through
i tagged along for two or 3 laps till i was happy the westfield was sticking to the same line each lap once i knew that i re passed the europa and attacked the westfield i passed him on the inside through gerrards then next lap guess what
the silver mini span on the oil and collected another lotus europa
the race was stopped so we didnt do a full stint but i ended up 1st in class and 5th overall just behind pete edwards in his mini
we are now off testing as the old demo car has been raced just as we built it its still on the original road springs etc etc
we also need to work on the monte carlo its the original one we built and needs anti roll bars fitting and some bigger back tyres a bigger water pump as we now think the pumps either not man enough or its got an intermittant fault
just to give you an idea of how well they are all going the monte was doing 50 second laps as was pete edwards i was doing 53 second laps
i reckon theres two or three seconds to come from both cars by just getting the setups right in the case of the monte and probably a second or two a lap from me as a driver and one or two on set up on the red mini to put that in context the average speed with those lap times is around 95mph and theres a hairpin in there where you are down to 20/30 mph
loads of interest in the cars again and the customer who bought a kit at last meeting was there watching his kits in the jig now so hopefully he will be out soon
also another customer who is building a pickup was there he is aiming for start of next season

#2 Poly_Patje


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Posted 17 April 2007 - 06:42 AM

I think Richard wrote the message, because of the following sentence "both of us got storming starts again and chris maries in the monte was 1st through gerrards i was 3rd".

So hi Richard.

Maybe I know a solution for the overheating problem. Last year I bought the dry sump kit from TTS performance for the Hayabusa engine and an electric waterpump came with the kit. This is a high flow waterpump and can be used instead of the original waterpump.

Clickable link to the waterpump. It will cost you 120 gbp but I think it is a good upgrade to get a higher coolant flow.

#3 z cars chris

z cars chris

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Posted 19 April 2007 - 07:13 PM

scince posting the topic weve found that the pump we used had a thermal overload on it so it stops for a miniute every now and then till it strikes up again hence the 6 laps then gets hot but cools down again when you slow down to a stop
flipping things cost us some good racing
BIG pump now being fitted with no thermal overload system should cure it though
we checked the motor out and even though its now boiled three times and been up to 160 degrees the head gaskets still intact and it runs as sweet as the day it was built,remarkable!

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