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Saving Private Diaphragm


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Posted 12 June 2015 - 02:04 AM



I am usually posting questions - and will have more as I still haven't got my problems sorted (with my mini that is)


about 2 weeks ago my mini set it upon itself to go into self destruct mode and anything and everything seems to be breaking or going wrong


however, for the time being, I did manage to fix the seat diaphragm


I have a Japanese Mayfair year2000 mpi/spi 1.3i and the seat diaphragm rubber just split down the middle, no doubt because of having someone's fat backside bouncing up and down on it for 12 years


a new (and better model) is available for 30 quid plus postage and as I am so peeved off right now, pouring cash into the car, I decided to repair mine


here are the steps and photos of the final project


a)  take the whole unit off by pushing up on the steel hooks and wiggling them a little, it's a bit fiddly but no big deal

b) get 2 sheets of rubber the same thickness or slightly thinner than the original 10x40 cms ( I actually used 10x30 plus 10x10 because the sheet of rubber I bought was only 30cms long)

c) rough the contact side with very gritty sandpaper (like from your bicycle inner tube repair kit)

d) glue with appropriate glue ( I used neoprene but am not really convinced that that is the ideal choice)

e) sew the 3 pieces together with a very strong needle, strong finger tips and some not to thick fishing line


voila it's done

put one side of the metal clips back in then starting from the center I used a big flat file to push the clips on the other side in, it was quite funny huffing and puffing under the seat, but if you follow the traces left by the metal hooks you should be able to line them up with the holes pretty easily

hope that helps if you are short of cash

total cost for me was 2 quid for the rubber sheet (no idea how long it's going to last though)

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