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Mighty Car Mods Mini (Now With Supercharger)

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#91 Tim Tom

Tim Tom

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Posted 12 March 2017 - 01:11 AM

Here's my opinion on it (and trust me I'm a die hard mcm fan).


Yes there is potential for the A series motor. But think of it this way, he's in the land of Oz and A series parts aint going to be easy to get hold of if something went bang. Where as with a jap engine and there are a ton of old hondas in Australia it's incredably cheap and easy to get hold of parts or even after market parts.


Another thing, nothing is really more reliable that modern day engines with multi point injection, ecu's and in this case individual coils. Plus we have all wanted a 5th gear in our mini's as one point or another lets be honest.


Also the time it took to do the build, it's in a garage with professionals of coarse they're gonna be able to do the work a lot faster than us on our drive ways. As well as parts of the series was filmed back in mid January.


And yes alot of cutting into the vehicle to do push the steering rack back which unfortunately the reason that has put me off dropping a B16 into mine :(


Sorry if the above sounds like a rant but just felt like posting :)

#92 HarrysMini


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Posted 12 March 2017 - 09:29 PM

Isn't the tank going to appear even smaller if you're pushing hard on the pedal of a 1.6 vtec?

A B16B in a sub 1000kg car would be a helluva lot more economical than a supercharged A-Series  :D

#93 Ethel


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Posted 13 March 2017 - 12:17 PM

Those are a couple of points to consider. A supercharger can consume more air throughout the rev range, so it'll also be able to produce a set amount of power at a lower engine speed. That would be a positive for fuel economy, but as a bolt on mod, the work of the blower will most likely be wasted as the gearing will still match the road speed to the output of the normally aspirated engine. You might gain a bit of economy by being able to change up sooner and hold on to top gear at lower speeds.


The same sort of thing applies to swapping in a power unit from a car that uses much bigger wheels. The Mini is lighter and smaller, so could actually pull taller gearing, but its little wheels mean you've actually got shorter gearing than the donor. I doubt the Honda has a 2.7 or even 3.1 final drive, even with an overdriven 5th gear.  On top of that, the vtec revs a lot higher than a factory spec A Series and will have a much higher road speed to accommodate with its gearbox.

#94 Mini 360

Mini 360

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Posted 09 April 2017 - 10:32 PM

Fuel economy is irrelevant to their VTEC conversion as they won't be running it on E85 anymore.  The E85 Mini, although flex fuel tuned, could easily run out of E85 and leave them stranded nowhere near an E85 pump.  I think that was the issue over outright mpg.

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