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Bmw Mini

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#421 Shifty


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Posted 13 January 2011 - 11:24 PM

Thats all I needed, the reasons have been explained and I'm not gonna be going over them again. Topic Closed.

Any problems feel free to PM me.

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Posted 13 January 2011 - 11:24 PM

im sure people would still enjoy it just as much if it was in the correct section!!

why has it been allowed to stay in mini chat when it is not a mini???

Posibly because that depends on what you think classes as a mini.

IMO, this is a classic mini forum, for classic mini's. The bini may be a mini, but it is not a classic. so shouldnt be there.

If we want to define our selves as a 'mini forun' then it can stay, if we are a 'classic mini forum' then it should be moved to general chat.

#423 Bec


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Posted 15 January 2011 - 03:16 PM

At the moment the rules say we're BMW mini tolerant and more focused on the classic mini and we're staying with that for now on the forum itself however 2011 will see a big overhaul of TMF so we're still in the process of making decisions on many things including the BMW mini - I don't see the urgency in deciding that we're staying a completely classic mini forum forever right now, we've discussed this so many times before and stayed with idea that we'd link people to other forums with more specialised information. Remember many of our members own both the new and old minis and it is the 'new' mini so there will always be questions about what we should do if anything on TMF to reflect this.

Currently we don't have enough people with knowledge of the BMW mini in our staff which we could resolve if required but also more importantly there doesn't appear to be a massive demand for us to set up a BMW section. With so many BMW mini forums that are well established and full of brilliant tech info we've got to consider what we could offer at the side of them - at this very moment it doesn't appear much but we're open to the idea if the demand is there. We'll always listen to what members of TMF say and ask for whilst keeping an eye on how many people use our forum to ask for information on BMW minis. We're very interested in what our members have got to say when there are sensible suggestions and requests so topics like this do help so we know people's views, just as long as they're on topic, factual and/or own first hand experience and thoughts without going round in circles - people giving sweeping generalisations on what they 'think' other people's views are don't help anyone.


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