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Mini 25Th Anniversary Limited Edition - Left Hand Drive


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Posted 11 April 2017 - 10:54 AM

So the story begins in my introduction topic: http://www.theminifo...e/#entry3458858



But I thought It should continue in a separate topic.


So at December 2016 we have pulled the engine apart into small bits, and started the overlook and see what needs to be replaced.


The pistons and the walls were in terrible condition, there was deep scratches in the walls and the two pistons were oval on the top from the wear. One of the oil rings were missing a quater of it. That was gone and we haven't found it at all. :o


Decision had to be made, save the cam's wall or go for overbore. Since I've had a 12G295 cylinder head on stock, decided to go overbore and the block went to the machine shop to receive +40 cams. Took us three days to sort out every bit that we will need, at the end there was a nice long list in an excel spreadsheet.


After spending the year's end bonus :o :D a big packages were coming from Minispares and Kent Cams and Minisport. - Needless to say wife freaked out after the kitchen drawer and the top of the refrigerator turned over to a Mini parts Storage place.


In the meantime I was searching for some seat carpets to fix the original that was burned by previous owner and faded by the years. Luck was on my side in this one as my original plan was to buy a set of 25th seats that were cheap and ripped and almost gone, but the seller was not willing to post outside the UK nor to take the carpet off and post it. I was asking for assistance to  go there and remove the fabric, when someone offered more than his help: a full set of seat carpets that is in mint condition, that was taken off 10+ years and sitting in dry storage in a box! Some glitch in the fun: seller did not wanted to post outside of UK. Luckily my Sister is living in the UK, so the package was sent to Her.


During my search I've ran over another advertisement of a Twin HS2 carbs. I couldn't resist and purchased that as well. :o :D Then it was straight way down on the "slope" for buying an air box for it. Basically at this point it seems that the Engine is going to be closer to a Cooper than a Mini 25th, but I decided and made this trade off.


When I had a bit of time I was out at the garage and cleaning the other parts of the engine like the Clutch housing and the gearbox using some decent engine cleaner... works like a charm, it eats off the grease and oil then you just have to wash the parts with water (yes your skin too if don't wear protection gloves I've learnt it the hard way :o ).


While waiting the second amount of shipment from the "stores" I've removed the two idler bearings from the clutch housing, One came of by the put  a nut and some 17mm washers in to the bearing and then lock the nut and twist it until it comes off. The other bearing I could only take out by using the heat the casing and then slam it hard to the ground. After the 3rd heating and slamming the bearing came out nicely.


A few weeks ago we both had time with my friend Kornél and the Block and the Crank was back from the machine shop, on a saturday we started to work in it. We cleaned the engine with Nitro and masked it and sprayed it to original yellow. While waiting the paint to dry we assembled the oil rings to the new pistons and them to the connecting rods. When the block finally dried then, removed the masking and the crank went in to it's place. We were feeling lucky and happy. :D


We started to put in the Pistons to the Cams, first three went in like a charm, then while gently knocking in the last, suddenly the sound of the knock changed, we stopped and looked on each other knowing that that sound does not mean any good. Very very gently we removed the ring compressor, and then it was a hope lost moment. The oil ring was cracked lengthwise...  we haven't put enough tension on the ring compressor, and one side was off with a less than half millimeter, and that stuck on the edge of the cam and it immediately broke on the first hit. Needless to say we both got pretty upset on ourselves.


To keep going we have moved on from the pistons to the 266 camshaft, the bushes of it came off pretty easy by using some brute force, it was a bit tricky to put in the new ones... but we have managed it, then we tried in the camshaft, it got stuck without turning over. Honeing it did the magic trick, and slowly it sit in to it's place perfectly and rotating over as it should.


By then the sun was falling to the horizon, so we packed away our stuff and called it a day.


What we have learnt: better to triple check the oil ring compressor next time, and never trust the standard size bushes on the camshaft, and be prepared of honing them.


That's for it for this time, as soon as the new oil ring arrives and we have time the story continues...


Cheers, for now:




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