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1275Gt Resto - From Flip To Factory


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#301 johnR


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Posted 23 April 2022 - 05:32 PM


stunning! make sure you've got plenty of card and tape handy for the re-build Darren!

John I’ve been thinking about what I can cover her with whist building back up.
Maybe some of that static stick plastic. Will be making up some fabric wing protectors whist in the engine bay.

Wife doesn’t know the bonnet will be tucked up in the spare room bed.


card is good near where you're using a file or drilling because it has a bit of thickness, a plastic film would work as a general covering where you might brush against it. I always tape thick cardboard over the slam panel and engine bay when i'm moving the engine in or out.  

#302 Verderad


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Posted 21 May 2022 - 08:48 AM




I thought that I would clean the garage, it was really nice in there 4 years ago when this all started. 



Put up some shelves that I bought 2 years ago to clear floor space, why did I wait 2 years?

Then thinking about all that fresh paint, I went round garage strapping heavy items to the wall so they can’t fall. 



Been quiet on here for a while. However lots has been going on in the garage mainly digging through boxes dirty boxes off parts that need cleaning, sanding, paint stripping, priming, painting rinse repeat. 


I didn’t realise how many parts would need to go through the same process or I would have invested in a blast cabinet. so starting with front suspension, hubs etc





More bits



I won’t put pictures or commentary up for every step….

I painted the bare metal on the donuts, sand, degrease, etch, scotch, prime, scotch, paint.




New wire wheel and many sheets of sand paper later all parts prepped and in a box waiting for assembly.

I wasn’t going to change the Timken bearings in the hubs, the grease in them when I stripped them down looked new, as did the bearings.   My friend Tim popped in, raised an eye brow, so one very expensive mini spares order later and a trip to Halfords for pots of different grease and box of disposable gloves.

On with the hub build, no pics?? I’m sure I took loads but maybe not as it quite messy.



shimming the swivel joints!!! First one over an hour before I gave up, 2nd night more methodical with shims and measuring with callipers.  Entertained me for a couple of evenings. 

Assembly of hubs slow as I forgot to paint the bolts for arms and brake disks.  This is why mini builds take time, years in fact.


Another mini spares order for brake pipes, nuts, bolts………..



Front sub assembly 


How much copper grease can you use?



Who knew if you turn the donut sideways its fits into subframe with ease?


Had a nightmare getting the donut compressed enough to get the knuckle into the top arm.
Needed the he donut compressor right through the donut or it would just pull out. However when through, it touched the tread in the mini spares Hi-Lo.  Really needs a hole drilling in the top to allow for this, so I cut the thread down…
Didn’t enjoy the threat of compressor giving up with my fingers in there. 


Much fun and several days, possibly weekends later





Might have done the rear sub first, can just make it out in last pic.

It’s good to be putting it all back together, but its not as clean as I thought and it takes longer if you forget to order what you need, forget to paint a part, or find out a part is not useable or you decide to refurb a part when you need it….

Rear brakes 



Fit radius arm and rear hubs to sub



Picture is attempt 4, its much easier to fit the trunion bolt and sub mounts without the arm on. 

New rear subframe, it did tidy up some welds before powder coat, but didn’t remove enough, wonder why it left the factory if the face needs to be flat for bracket to fit properly. 


Grind fresh powder coat off…

Complete build 



Wiping over subframe to remove copper grease finger prints, I notice that both outside faces of subframe have a bubble in the powder coat, little press later, its not a small bubble, the whole face has come off!!!  

Both sides, I wonder if their blast cabinet is big enough to get the subframe in to blast those ends? 


Sub is now stripped waiting to be returned when I have time, ffs.   Should have done it my self. 

#303 Verderad


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Posted 21 May 2022 - 09:06 AM

Top arms, I tried to get the bolts out, both were turning after heat, oil etc.  now both waiting to be drilled out.  Punching them out seems to have made them expand.
Friend Tim brings over 2 more from his many years of hoarding.  I’ve stripped, cleaned painted, refurbed.   The ground down washer method of removing the needle rollers is the best.

What size hole should this be? The bolts I ordered are too big, they fit the shocks but not this hole


Tim only has early minis pre 70 or a pup, did these change?   What bolt do I need?  Can’t measure the original as I cut it off and swept up



More parts to prep, where did they all come from?  Where are all the nuts and bolts that I carefully bagged and tagged? Why did I keep most of the stuff I took off?  


Interior parts


Turn the pile of dirty, rusty parts into something respectable.   




Nice sunny day, want to keep garage clean so day of grinding in the garden, happy neighbours and an sun tan.

Many hours later 


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Posted 21 May 2022 - 09:19 AM

Some assembly 



This little bracket was tied to the pedal box, so I had the foresight to keep it safe and with the part its related to.

What is it and where does it go?




Heater, why not strip and paint that



No idea what that wire does



Strip, clean, paint …….


#305 Ben_O


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Posted 21 May 2022 - 09:29 AM

The little bracket you have with the pedal box bolts to the bulkhead with the pedal box bolt nearest to the throttle.

It's positioned so that the throttle pedal arm rests against it.


Hope that makes sense.




#306 Gilles1000


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Posted 21 May 2022 - 11:14 AM

Isn't it the bracket for the brake light switch inside the pedal box?

#307 KTS


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Posted 21 May 2022 - 01:01 PM

nope - as Ben says; it's the accelerator pedal stop. originally would have had a rubber bumper pinned to it where the pedal rests

#308 Verderad


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Posted 16 June 2022 - 09:38 PM

Lost motivation for a while, so close but still so much to do……

had to strip rear sub frame when I found powder coating coming off in sheets both ends!  I don’t think their blast cabinet is big enough to do the outside edges.  It’s back with them now.  
Finished the heater 





picked up the seats from upholsterer 





need a bit more work on fit, they look good though. 


then onto the wiring loom, no front headlight section, this was removed along with flip front. 


there are some additions, if I could only find the photos from strip out. 

if you must use these, get the right size or it cuts through the strands



Day on kitchen table working out what each wire does and making repairs


waiting on new plugs for switches 



loom wrapped, then found that one white cable in the box  :angry:

will have to become a black cable now so it doesn’t show




#309 Verderad


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Posted 19 June 2022 - 09:06 PM

Bit more wiring…. I think this is the light switch. Can’t see any marking on the switch. Will have to consult the manual

Nice new pins, my crimp tool rubbish, picked up another.  Also soldered 




Replaced couple of spade connectors with ones that look original.  
cleaned all the rear light spades, dipped in white vinegar with salt for couple of minutes, rub with green pad, another dip. Then water with baking powder before drying.  
will finish the loom when it’s back in car, adjust new wire lengths and add connectors.


started the cleaning of upper and lower dash pads. 4 years on top shelf in garage, filthy


had 3 goes on each now, top one came up ok, need to find something to bring it up nice. 
lower one needs more work, going to try elec tooth brush on the ingrained dirt. 

stripped down steering column, cleaned and painted. 

Same with wiper motor and mounting bracket.  


used Frost paint that should look like plating. Not sure, it’s not quite right.  

Now all I need to do is find the fittings to put it back into the car with. 

#310 Spherix


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Posted 20 June 2022 - 10:03 AM

I'd recommend a steam cleaner to clean those dash pads. I've bought one that can act as a steam mop as well as portable device with various cleaning attachments. Made the whole household happy ;-)

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